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Global Marketplaces drive Burlingham London to success

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Burlingham London now export their specialist watches across the world after working with DIT.

Burlingham London
Almost 80% of our profit comes from online sales, with a proportion of that coming from overseas consumers. We designed the business with global expansion in mind. Our packaging is secure, our products are easy to ship and our British heritage really appeals to consumers in global markets.

Designed in partnership with Anglo-Swiss watch industry experts, Burlingham London create watches inspired by British heritage, British exploration and British philanthropy. With support from Department of International Trade (DIT), Burlingham London now export their watches through global marketplaces such as Amazon and Newegg.

Burlingham London first started selling online to the UK before their DIT trade advisor introduced them to US marketplace Newegg - who offer reduced commission rates for UK sellers. Newegg and DIT raised the profile of UK products with US customers by taking part in ‘GREAT British’ online promotions led by DIT.

DIT’s E-Exporting programme has given us a platform to showcase our offering overseas. We have had support and guidance to help overcome the common issues faced when operating overseas, such as managing cross-border payment risks. Now we can accelerate our outreach to new markets and access more customers around the world.

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