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Online marketplaces propel FreestyleXtreme

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Like many businesses, Bristol-based specialist sports retailer FreestyleXtreme has seen big growth through online sales overseas.

They started out selling online in 2011 through eBay and launched eBay stores globally through the cross-border programme. FreestyleXtreme then further expanded their business by joining all of Amazon’s 15 markets.

By selling on online marketplaces, FreestyleXtreme became successful exporters and are now a thriving business with a projected annual turnover of £17 million.

Their sales went from 0 to 1,000 NZD within a few days of listing on the New Zealand based TradeMe online marketplace platform. And it’s been a similar story on French online marketplaces La Redoute and Cdiscount.

FreestyleXtreme also had assistance from the Department for International Trade (DIT), who helped them set up a local cooperative to reduce international shipping costs. ‘Parcel Rate Experts’ brought together local online retailers to get competitive rates and solve one of the main barriers to exporting.

Considering we are selling niche products to a small market, we never could have imagined achieving these types of sales.

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